Barkley Takes on The King

Early this week a very average player in the NBA, took on the King.  Charles Barkley thought he would take some shots at Lebron.  Barkley tore into the king when he cried about not having enough playmakers around him.  Personally Jordan nor Kobe would have said that.  Jordan and Kobe would take it into their own hands and make plays.  Jordan against the Jazz in the 1998 played the greatest finals ever witnessed, the flu game was a once and a life time performance that will never be seen again, I can promise that.  Kobe after losing to the Celtics in 2008, he came back in 2010 and handled Boston each and every game and performed at his best every second of that series.  Barkley does have a point, if Lebron wanted more playmakers he shouldn’t have taken a 3 year 90 million plus deal, which equals out roughly 30 mil plus a year.  Lebron should have done a Tom Brady and could possibly signed Dwayne Wade and other quote on quote playmakers.  Maybe if Lebron wasn’t selfish and played for another ring and not money, because Cleveland doesn’t stand a chance against the Warriors this year.

Now the only problem I have with what Lebron did, is he took many personal shots at Barkley.  Talking about his partying in Vegas, spitting on fans, unpaid debts in Vegas.  Lebron went on to call Barkley a hater, well sorry Lebron but you’ve had haters your whole life and should be used to the noise.  Remember when you went to Miami to get a ring just like Durant is doing at Golden State.  The issue I have is not the comments by Barkley, its the immaturity by Lebron and taking personal shots at Barkley.

Now if you look at it from a statistically view, Lebron is the way better player.  Lebron has more points 27.1 more assists 7.0 better three point percentage 34.0 and better from the line at 74.0 and in less games 1031.  Barkley on the other hand 22.1 points, 3.9 assists, 73.5 from the line, and 26.0 from the three point line and in 1073 games.  The accolades are also in Lebron’s favor, more MVPS, all stars, all defense, rookie of the year and of course 3 three rings.  Barkley comes no where close, zero rings, 1 MVP, and 11 time all star.  Barkley is accomplished but no where near the most decorated player in the NBA history.  In the end though Lebron needs to keep it more professional and ignore the noise, Barkley is like the rest of us and is going to say things to stir the melting pot.



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