Believeland Vs. Dubnation

This topic is something that if you follow the NBA closely you know that this is the finals for the next 3-4 years.  Cleveland and Golden State are just to loaded for them both not to go to the finals.  But see I have a couple things to say and an issue to address with someone I respect.  Golden State and Cleveland have played their two games this season.  The Christmas day game at Cleveland and the second game a couple weeks ago in the bay.  Now the first thing I want to address is Colin Cowherds comment about Cleveland taking a knee the last time they played Golden State.  Now let me say this, I respect Colin and he is very very good at what he does and is at the top of his game.  But for him to say that Cleveland took and knee and didn’t care about that game is simply ignorant.  Cleveland played their big three, Lebron, Kyrie, and Love, and the Warriors played there big three, Curry, Durant, and Thompson.  And the game wasn’t even close, the Warriors dominated the Cavs throughout the whole game.  If Cleveland wanted to take a quote on quote knee, then they shouldn’t have played their big three, but they did.  I don’t believe in taking a game off this early in the season.  Since that loss Cleveland has played terrible going 3-5 and Lebron’s comment about needing another playmaker has happened.  So taking a knee against the best team in the NBA isn’t smart.


Now last years finals was amazing, the best I’ve seen and one for the ages.  3-1 lead blown by the dubs as the king brought home Clevelands first title ever.  This year though is going to be very different, not only are the warriors a better team I think, they are handling everyone they play.  They have a bad loss against Miami, but Miami is red hot right now, 8 game win streak, so that loss is fine, plus its the NBA so your bound to lose a game.  Golden State is 41-7, that is simply amazing, they probably won’t go 73-9 again but if a team can come close to that its this one.  The reason this one will be different assuming both teams make it is because of one reason and its Kevin Durant.  Last time Lebron met Durant in the finals, the heat dominated them and put away OKC.  Durant is a lot better player now then he was then and he has a plethora of superstars around him that are young.  The Cavs on the other hand, do have the king and Kyrie, but the rest of the team is aging and I just don’t see how that team can compete this year with the Dubs!


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