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Yesterday was full of exciting games and blowouts.  There was a total of 12 games yesterday, which is pretty typical of a Wednesday in the NBA.  The Wednesday slate is always full of games and primetime games usually have the leagues best competing against each other.  Before I dive in on the games from yesterday, I plan on doing a NBA Daily Take article everyday there are NBA games.  The NBA personally for me is my favorite professional sport to cover.  There always is some type of controversy happening or two of the leagues best competing.  Also it is very unpredictable for what can happen. On any given night any player can go off and score 40 plus points or have a emphatic dunk or pass that makes the arena explode.  We also get to see the worlds best athletes go against each other, Lebron, Durant, Westbrook just to name a few and unlike the NFL there are 82 games and a more fun and competitive all star game.  There also aren’t any crazy rules that make the game watered down like the NFL.  Finally you as a fan have more of an opportunity to catch your cities team or your favorite team.

If you follow the NBA closely or just see the commercials scroll by on television then you should know that the east coast and teams in the midwest tip off first usually at 7pm. There are those cases on the weekend where games tip off before then.  Last night the first two games of the night were the Pacers vs Magic and Cavaliers vs Wolves.  We’ll start with the king and who again had a very solid performance finishing with 27, 8, and 12.  People said that after Lebron left Miami that he would slow down and never win in Cleveland. Well that talk has all been silenced as he is still a 26, 8, 5 player every night he touches the court.  Wiggins finished the night with 23 points and has played solid this whole season.  This game for me was disappointing because I felt like it should have been more competitive and ended up in a Cavs blowout, 125- 97.  I also believe that the Wolves are better than their record which is 19-30.  The Wolves are still a young team, but have young stars in Wiggins and Towns.  This team was slated for a possible playoff run and if they don’t rally off some wins in the month of February then they will be watching the playoffs from home.  Cleveland on the other hand will make the playoffs and most likely roll through the playoffs, because the Eastern Conference is garbage.  Let this go on record, if Cleveland played in the Western Conference they wouldn’t make it to the finals every year and probably wouldn’t be a 1st seed.

The Pacers unlike the Wolves who started off slow has found their groove and are currently the 6th seed in the east.  Paul George didn’t have a great game, only finishing with 8 points in 33 minutes, but 4 Pacer players provided double digit scoring to lift the burden off George.  The Pacers are one of the only teams who could give Cleveland trouble in the playoffs, only because they play hard every night and PG13 can go off at any time during a game.  For the Pacers opponent last night the Magic, there isn’t much I have to say about them, only besides since they lost Victor Oladipo they haven’t been good at all and they won’t be for awhile.

One of the most exciting games was Toronto vs Boston.  My big performance of the night (which is something Ill do where I pick 1 or 2 players and highlight what they did) goes to Isaiah Thomas who put Boston on his back by scoring 44 points and 19 of them in the 4th quarter.  Isaiah Thomas has to be one of the most exciting players to watch and is defiantly a top 5 point guard in the NBA.  As for Toronto the absence of DeMar DeRozan didn’t help them in this game and even though Kyle Lowry had 32 points, he didn’t have much support from anyone else around him.  The game was close but without DeRozan it was easy for Boston to worry about Lowry and not have to worry about guarding two NBA superstars.  This one for me was defiantly the most exciting game of the night.  Who doesn’t love two powerhouse teams in the east duke it out.

One of the hottest teams in the NBA right now is the Miami heat. The Heat have won 9 straight and in those 9 wins they beat the best team in NBA, the Golden State Warriors. The Heat didn’t start that well this season and it started before when they lost Miamis golden child in Dwayne Wade to the Bulls.  The heat still do have Hassan Whiteside and even though he’s pretty dang good, he still has a temper issue and needs to play more consistent.  Whiteside has the potential to be the best big man in the league if he can fix those issues he has.  But back to the Heat them selves they just beat on of the best teams in the regular season, the Atlanta Hawks.  I say regular season because we all know that they are bad in the playoffs.  The big shock for me was how good of a fit Dwight Howard seems to be with the Hawks.  Dwight has been an issue with other superstars, Kobe and Harden didn’t like him at all and sometimes calling him saying “he’s soft” or “doesn’t play serious enough”, but now that Dwight doesn’t have that pressure around him, he can just be him self and play his game.  Miami on the other hand did get some big help from Dragic and Waiters as they pulled in 27 and 20 a piece last night.  Dion Waiters also quoted Kobe about how he would rather go 0-30 than 0-9, because that shows that you lost confidence.  That has helped Waiters this season as he is putting up career numbers.


For my final game and most of you saw this coming, its the Golden State Warriors.  If you have read my other articles then you would know that I might be a little bias towards the Warriors, but if Colin Cowherd can be towards Cleveland than I can the Warriors.  Golden State once again dominated yet another NBA team in the Hornets.  My other big performance of the night goes to none other than Stephen Curry.  He once again amazed me by hitting 11 three pointers and scoring 39 points last night.  I remember when the season was just starting and everyone talked about chemistry and how they wouldn’t be good at all.  Well if you haven’t learned yet, they are 43-7 and the best team once again in the NBA.  I don’t see how any team can beat them in a seven game series.  This might be the best Golden State team the league has seen, and possibly ever.  Klay Thompson also hit 6 threes, the splash brothers combined for 17 threes together last night and shredded a Hornets team that fell off since their red hot start.  But that just goes to show that the East is terrible and no where nearly as good as the West.  We also saw something hilarious and that was JaVale McGee getting stuffed by the rim.  He is known for messing around on the court, but to be truthful, he has played a lot better and has been a big help off the bench and has started a couple games for the Warriors.  The Warriors also have young talent coming off the bench in Looney and Ian Clark also with veteran help in Iggy.  The Zaza injury really won’t hurt the Warriors to much just because he is a rebounder and shot blocker.  Zaza does run the floor well and gives the Warriors a good 8-10 points a game.  I really don’t see how this year Cleveland can beat Golden State. Dubnation is just to good.

Thats a wrap on the Daily NBA Take.  To recap it, we saw the King dominate and Kyrie dish out 14 assists in 3 quarters.  Isaiah Thomas drop 44 and 19 in the 4th, and a whole effort by the Pacers team.  The Miami Heat have kept their 9 game win streak alive by beating a Atlanta team that is average, but that still can’t take away the credit from the Heat.  Then of course we saw the best team in the NBA the Warriors.  Steph Curry was red hot and I mean red hot, 11 threes.  Klay Thompson also contributed 6 threes and they combined for 17 threes.  The NBA last night was exciting and full of stars playing at their peak.  This should be once hell of a finish right into playoff basketball.


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