Hi, if you’re looking for a real sports opinion and uncensored take on the hottest topics in sports, then this is for you.  First a little about my self, I’m 20 years old, age is a number remember that.  Currently in college, from Bloomington, Indiana, so yes I’m a Hoosier. I keep up to date on everything happening in sports and will post accordingly to anything I find out across all sports.  I back up my talk with facts and experiences.

Sports is something I have a lot of passion for.  It is also something that has monumental effects on people and the world.  Fans and even people who could care less about sports are effected by events in sports.  When a team in any given city accomplishes something, like a championship or wins a rivalry game, its a big deal.

I’ll be here to cover all of that and let my opinion be known in the sports world.  THIS IS THE SPORTS AFFECT.